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Written by Chris Cracknell   
Monday, 14 March 2011 14:32

by Donald A. Norman.   Isaac Asimov says this about the book:

"We are all victimized by the natural perversity of inanimate Objects.   Here at last is a book that strikes back both at the objects and at the designers, manufacturers and assorted human beings who originate and maintain this perversity.   It will do your heart good and may even point the way to correcting matters."

Ever walked into a door which needed to be pulled?   Or been irritated by the steps necessary to get a program to do what you want?   It isn't you that is to blame - rather it is the object or program! This book has several aspects - firstly it exposes and explains bad design and what makes it bad.   Doors are a prime example that he uses throughout the book.   There really isn't much one can do with a door, but the designers of doors still manage to make it difficult to open many doors.

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