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I have been doing judo for 33 years and am a fourth Dan black belt.

My current club is the SV-Polizei in Hamburg which I would heartily recommend to anyone looking for a martial arts club in Hamburg.   It is the only club I know of where a single membership entitles one to train in any or all of the different styles practised in the club.

I run a class on tuesdays at 7pm, where I mostly work with intermediate to advanced adults.   The other Judo class for adults is on Thursdays and I would go there as well if family commitments allowed.   I used to run the class as a specialist groundwork (Ne-waza) class, but now I cover standing judo (Tachi-waza) as well.

I have also been spotted from time to time in the Brazilian Jujitsu, Jujitsu Allkampf (aka Mixed Martial Arts), Escrima and Budo Power groups.

I started judo when I was ten years old and attending the Junior House, Ampleforth college.   Training was once a week with a brown belt coach who came from Kirkby-moorside to teach us.   I am still thankful to him though I have forgotten his name.

In Cambridge I was active in the University and Kelsey-Kerridge judo clubs there.

In 1990 I travelled with a group of Oxford and Cambridge University Judoka to Japan.   We had a wonderful time as the guests of the Japanese University Judo association.

In Dundee, between 1980 and 1996, I regularly attended the Dundokwai club run through the local YMCA and was the coach there for a number of years in the 90s.

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