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Open Mind Software Ltd is my own company through which I work. All of the projects below were carried out from my own premises with visits to the customer as necessary.

NCR is a world wide company, one part of which, NCR Financial System, is the world leading manufacturer of self service bank machines (Geldautomaten). I have worked for many parts of NCR over the years and that they have continually found new work for me I regard as sign of the success of my approach to building a long-term relationship with my clients.

My work was carried out as fixed and variable priced contract development for a variety of clients, using C++, Java, NT, OS/2, Delphi and Object Oriented Design techniques. This includes the following projects:

  • 2008 to today: Customer: NCR - Development of special customer engineering requests for EMV support – Final customer: Poste Italiano bank. C++, Cryptography
  • 2000 to today: Customer: NCR - Development and support of WOSA/XFS Service Provider for encryptor/pinpad devices for NCR Self service terminals. C++, Cryptography
  • 2004 to today: Customer: NCR - Development of WOSA/XFS Service Providers for various printer devices for NCR Self service terminals. C++
  • 2002 to 2006: Customer: NCR – Development of Java/XFS Device Service for encryptor/pinpad devices for NCR Self Service Terminals. Java
  • 1999: Customer: NCR - Development of security and encryption software for NCR Self Service Terminals (SSTs), particularly with respect to the German GeldKarte standard. C++, Java
  • 1998: Customer: NCR - Development of test software for encryption devices used in NCR SSTs. C++, Java, script
  • 1998: Customer: Kinghorne Consultants Ltd. – Production of French and Flemish versions of the MACPAC program. Delphi
  • 1996/97: Customer: NCR - Follow-on development work on the SSDS Runtime. (see below) C++
  • 1996/97: Customer: NCR - Analysis and design for an editor to be used to allow customising of SSDS applications. OO Analysis and Design

Living in Hamburg and learning German. Also,

  • 1999: Customer: Deutsche Bahn AG. Developing a Delphi front end client for a systems management database application. Also involved in design process for the server part of the application. Delphi and Oracle
  • 1999: Customer: a:prico AG. Developing an installation assistant for online printing software for a:prico AG, a German company. Visual Studio C++
  • 1997/98: Customer: European Union. Work as a design consultant on the CASTLE project, an EU-funded project to setup a remote learning network on the Web for remote sensing studies. Working with the University of Dundee and the Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fΓΌr Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. OO Design/Architecture
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