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Working for NCR Financial systems Ltd. in Dundee, a builder of self service terminals for the retail banking industry.

February 1996 to November 1996 (NCR/AT&T):

Project leader of a project to develop runtime objects written in C++ for the SSDS application development system to support WOSA/XFS (WOSA/eXtensions for Financial Systems). I provided project management and design leadership for the team. This involved extensive contact with customers and other parts of AT&T (now renamed back to NCR) in order to establish requirements.

July 1994 to November 1996 (NCR/AT&T):

Development of a Japanese version of the SSDS application development system (see below for description of SSDS). This runs on Windows NT and is based on a port of the OS/2 English language system described below. My role involved the following:-

  • Working with a team of Japanese engineers to educate them and provide technical leadership to their development. This is not a simple task due to their large difference in working practices, experience and culture.
  • Project managing developments in Dundee needed to support the Japanese work.
  • Providing a communications bridge between the development organisations in Japan and Dundee.

July 1992 to July 1994 (NCR/AT&T):

Development of display components for the SSDS Application development system. This was an object oriented graphical authoring system for applications which are to run on an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). I designed and implemented the components which users assemble to produce the user interface of the ATM. I was also involved in design discussions and technical reviews of much of the rest of the system.

July 1991 to July 1992 (NCR/AT&T):

Developed an expert system tool for fault diagnosis on ATMs using automatic remote fault logging information. Written in C++ on Windows 3.1

February 1990 to July 1991 (NCR/AT&T):

Worked on the display driver for the 5682 interactive video terminal. This involved a lot of work which was then very cutting-edge, although the technology has since been superseded by developments in the standard PC market. It involved a lot of in-depth knowledge about display hardware and techniques. Written in C on OS/2 1.3.

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