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St. Aidan's House, Ampleforth College

Attended five years, completed 14 O- and AO-levels, 4 A-Levels and two A-level special papers.   Everything with A or 1, except for Computer studies O-Level with a B (how embarassing!  But we did the exam without _any_ formal instruction in the subject!) and Religious Studies AO-level with a B.

A Levels and Special papers:

Physics (A1), Mathematics (A1), Chemistry (A) and Further Mathematics (A).

During this time I deepened my interest in mountaineering and the outdoors through a deep attachment to the scouting movement.   I was a cub scout, scout, sea scout and finally a venture sea scout, obtaining the Queen's Scout Award in 1988.

Ampleforth presented me with the opportunity to try out many different things and my interest in learning to do things probably can be traced back to here.

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