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Friday, 01 October 2010 12:10

There were two bits of information that i wanted to pass between Joomla and the GWT clients.   I wanted to tell the GWT window where to open within the Joomla website and I wanted to pass in information about the currently logged in user/session.

I wanted to be able to create a Joomla article that caused the GWT client to be opened in an iFrame where the article would normally appear within the Joomla website.   I also wanted it to be possible to pass in some information from the article that would be passed on to the GWT app.

I invoke the GWT app with a standard url Http://... with Parameters stuck on the end, e.g. ?PuzzleID=56&OtherData=blurb etc.   What I say in one of my Joomla articles is the following:

:    -leftcurlybracket-CryptoSolvePlug [7]-rightcurlybracket-

This invokes a joomla additional module call CryptoSolvePlug which extracts the 7 ( a puzzle id number) from the article and gets some information about the currently logged in Joomla User and then invokes a joomla plugin which builds a url using this data as the parameters.   It then creates an iFrame and invokes the html file which hosts the GWT application.   I didn't speak pHp before realising that I needed to develop these two joomla add-ons, but the well-honed skills of the cut and paste developer stood me in good stead.   Just goes to prove, all computing languages _are_ mostly the same.

(The first time I tried to write this blog article, I ended up with the above quote actually invoking the solver interface when I read the article which is why I have replaced the brackets with the text describing them.)

(If anyone wants the code of the module and/or plug in then feel free to contact me by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .)

In the next installment i will give a brief overview of the cleaning up stage I went through before deciding to move onto the live server (the installment after next).

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