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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 14:19

We get a nice welcome mail from our newly ordered web hosting provider - and now we have to actually convert their IP redirection and available directory into a working website...

There are a lot of small, fairly simple but important steps to be taken:


Firstly, we have to setup the mail accounts such as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and configure the mail accounts of our email reading program to access them.

I set up self-signed SSL certificates, but any attempt to use them produces a warning on the client computer that the certificate chain does not end in a recognised root certificate authority.   Which is completely true.   However I still use them for email so that the traffic between my client and the mailserver is encrypted.   Theoretically, someone could spoof the mailserver by supplying an alternative certificate and redirecting the IP address, though what benefit that could be to anyone I do not know...   This would be much more serious in the case of spoofing a website, but I will try to either do without https or use it through mochahost's sharedSSL server.   Setting up my own certificate costs money and would also require an upgrade to a fixed IP address with mochahost - which also costs money.   So, I will postpone this for another day.

I setup some MySQL databases and users for them.

I used mochahost's supplied scripts to install joomla and phpBB3 which also involves setting up some users.   Linking the two will require a bridge of some kind so that users do not need to re-logon when moving from the main site to the forums.   I decided early on that the website needs some kind of content management and I was impressed with what Joomla offers.   It has been used for my Judo club's website which is where I originally encountered it.   It is also free open source software, in keeping with the general direction of the rest of this project.   And the same can be said for phpBB3.   Bridging the two is not going to be done in sprint 1 - in fact the forums (fora?) are not going to be live at all for a while.

I also did some reconfiguring of the Joomla installation, so that it now has my logo instead of the Joomla one and reassigned the various menus, sections and categories to those I intend to use for this site.   I also added a certain minimum of content to explain what the site is and to tell anyone stumbling accross it that it is still work in progress.

I then used the Joomla admin interface to take the site offline.

And that was that - time now to think seriously about the "clever" bit of the site, i.e. that which would require actual programming to implement.   The next installment will cover some of these issues.

(By the way, any aspiring web designer might do worse than read this article on the top ten mistakes of web design.   And I know the link opens in another window, and the article says don't do that, but...)

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