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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 13:42

Web applicaton coding, testing, etc. all well and good, but you need to put it up on the web somewhere!   The available options set certain constraints on the development and so need to be decided fairly early on in the project.

My Options:

  1. I already own the domain openmindsoftware.de which is hosted with strato.de here in Germany.   Using this was one option, but the hosting package would have been limited to pHP which I neither speak (though I had to learn some at one point in the next few weeks!), nor particularly want to learn.   I could have used the existing domain name or registered an additional one.   Pro:  Already setup, Con: no Java support.
  2. Use the domain name from above, but redirect it to a server running in my office connected by dynamic DNS or Open DNS.   This gives me total control over the server (good) but requires me to have a server permanently turned on (bad - in fact, prohibitively bad!).
  3. Tomcat hosting.   Web hosting companies which also offer tomcat support.   Pro:   Low maintenance once setup, scaleable, initial package can be very cheap.   Con: awkward to set up, I don't already have an account with such a company.

In the end I went for option 3 and it became a mette of choosing a company.   Web searches gave me a shortlist of 3 companies:

I tended to Mochahost as the cheapest.   I also considered:

  • One click Joomla installation is available on mochahost.
  • WAR Deployment on Mochahost is not supported on the lowest entry level package.
  • Choosing a cheap shared tomcat host would make it possible to get the site up and running very cheaply with the option to upgrade the server/connection later if necessary.   During the development period, I would not need a high performance account.

cryptoleague.com was chosen as the name using a search engine on the mochahost site to identify free domain names.

An additional consideration was that I could integrate my personal website and company website on a single Joomla installation and point all my various addresses at the same hosting account.   This would simplify my maintenance effort in the future.

So, I went for Mochahost's entry level java hosting plan.



The next installment will look at the choice and use of web technologies used to get the website up and running.

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