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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 13:36

So, all the preliminary analysis has been done and the time has come to get down to concrete doing of deeds.

Following my decision to use a Scrummy development process, what I have to do now is work out a list of what I expect to be able to implement in the next thirty days - the first Sprint backlog.

(This was formulated on the 26th of August 2010, meaning that the first sprint will run until the 26th of September 2010.)

Here is the sprint backlog:

The project should involve a website with:

  • User registration
  • Administration of admin rights
  • Admin can submit puzzle
  • User can get puzzle
  • Basic guesswork interactive solver interface
  • User submits a solution
  • User browses list of results
  • Brief introduction page and a skeleton for static content for the website
  • Website online under www.cryptoleague.com

In addition, the following points were identified during the sprint and added to the backlog.   (Not all of these involve end-user functionality and some of these refer to choices of tools that were not made at the start of the sprint.)

  • Solver Interface integrated into the website
  • SHA Calculation in client
  • GWT active under non-default paths/servlet names
  • SubVersion setup and in use for version control of the development project
  • SubVersion/Backup for the Joomla site and the extra plug ins.

You can jump to the sprint roundup here, but the short story was that all of the above with the exception of the browsing functions for puzzles and results was up and running on the real website by 27th September.   Writing this Blog up to the end of sprint 1 is the final wrap up task of sprint 1.


The next installment will discuss the issues behind the choice of hosting for the website.

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