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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 09:08

I use computer based design and analysis tools, but I have to be honest;  frequently I do the first sketches/notes for a design or plan on paper.   Using a notebook per project makes a very useful historical record of the project - I frequently find myself consulting these notes during the later stages of a project to remind myself why I did something in a particular manner.

For this project I used a small school jotter, since they are on special offer in Germany right now (due to the start of the school year) and I can pick them up for about 15 cents apiece!   For this installment, I have decided to simply show you a scanned page from the notebook for this project, so that you can see what the raw creative process looks like...


I have chosen the page where I jotted down my first thoughts on the look and feel of the interactive puzzle solver tool, complete with crossings out and illegible hand-writing.   Some may find it interesting to compare this initial concept with the end result...

A Page from Chris Cracknell's Project Notebook

In the next installment I do a few quick sanity and feasibility checks to make sure I am not planning on doing something impossible.

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