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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 08:40

Use Case analysis involves identifying who is going to use the system, and what each of these actors is going to do.   "Who" in this case may be other components of a complex system, or web-services, etc.   i.e. Not necessarily a real flesh and blood person.

This form of analysis is very useful early on in the project as a tool for capturing the user requirements.   It is also useful in the testing/verification phase, since it explicitly states who needs to verify what behaviour.

Here are the actors and use cases that I identified:


  • Setup daily puzzles
    • Create, edit, delete puzzles
    • Organise presentation of puzzles to the end users.
  • Moderate results list
  • Moderate forums
  • Allocate admin rights to other users


  • Register, Deregister
  • Download puzzle
  • Solve Puzzle with interactive solver inerface
  • Submit soved puzzles
  • Browse results
  • User Forum
  • Generate/distribute/solve their own puzzles.

In the next installment I will look at what I expect from an interactive solver interface.

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