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Thursday, 27 January 2011 15:29

On my new laptop I have windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.   And Firefox on this system messes up my line breaks on the cryptoleague site, but only once spaces or punctuation have been shown.   It works fine on other firefox installations on XP.   And I really could not work out why!

Fairly cluelessly trying to spot patterns in where the line breaks are coming in, I stumbled on this blog entry.   This caused me to look not at where the breaks are, but on the line above and I notice that spaces on the line above trigger the linebreak. (See Below)

So, the non existent frequency label for the space characters seems to be messing up the inline mechanism.   First step, try changing this to find out if it fixes the problem.   If it does then I will have to change either the label style, remove the label or use the inline-block mechanism described in the above blog.

(----pause in the investigation...-----)

Further investigation showed that the text entry box is to blame.   When it has a three D shading border (disabled, in focus, etc.) and is zoomed then the cells with borders zoom to be bigger than those without!   This I can only describe as a firefox bug.   I chose to fix the problem by overriding the border attribute in the CSS stylesheet to force a single pixel black solid border on all the text boxes, regardless of whatever other state it may have.   Zooming now works perfectly.

(Solving this propblem was especially important for me because it affected the website viewed on my new laptop - exactly the environment where I would like to be able to show it off.)

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