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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 22:40

A couple of changes to the solver tool...   None of them big, but making a big difference to the usefulness of the tool.

Frequencies are now shown under each character of the cryptogram.   This information was already available under the alphabet, but having it with the cryptogram makes spotting common short words much easier.

When a letter in the alphabet or cryptogram is selected then it and all other instances of the same cipher character are highlighted.   Try this out - it helps a lot on analysing possible hits for short words or letter couples.   Implementing this involved creating a new css style for the highlighted text boxes in my css file.   (Then I discovered that I had to persuade GWT not to overwrite my custom styles!   This involved removing the reference to standard.css in the gwt.xml file and then including the standard.css file (GWT's own css style definitions) myself explicitly in the html files for my applications.    This allowed me to specify the order of inclusion, specifically, that my own CSS should overwrite anything that was also in standard.css - not the other way round.)

Still to come in this sprint:

  1. German support in the solver tool.
  2. Specification and selection of puzzle by difficulty.
  3. Handle the backspace key better in the puzzle text boxes.
  4. Extend the hints to include showing vowels.
  5. Extend the hint management to allow specification of which hints a puzzle allows.
  6. Record the fact of selection of a hint in the tool in the database at the time of selection.   (i.e. do not allow checking a hint, then quitting the puzzle without saving so that the next restart does not show that the hint was used.)

I still have some time left in this sprint (due to end on the 11th November) but paid work on other projects may hold me up a bit.   I will break the scrum process by continuing to work on the sprint until it is completed, rather than sticking to the date and taking what is ready by that point in time.   It probably won't make a difference of more than a day or two anyway.

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