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Tuesday, 02 November 2010 22:22

One of my aims for this sprint was to introduce a quick link to the puzzle solver that can be bookmarked and does not involve going via the Joomla website.   I have done this using the mochahost www redirect tool in cpanel.

Going to www.cryptoleague.com/random will now open the puzzle solver as a standalone tool with a random puzzle.   and www.cryptoleague.com/browse will do the same, but first opening the the puzzle selection window to allow a puzzle to be chosen by hand.

Adding these links made it necessary to modify the client to look for session IDs either via the URL (as passed in when invoked from the Joomla website) or to look for th eJoomla cookie containing the session id.   If neither can be found then the tool starts with guest access - otherwise, the tool runs with the current user.

(One quirk of the random() interface that cropped up here in GWT is that it is not reliably randomly seeded.   To get a random-ish result, Ihave to create one instance of the Random class and always reuse that instance whenever I want a random number.   Otherwise, the first N results would always be the same.)

The browse inteface has also been extended to allow filtering puzzles based on their solution status, e.g. "show me all started puzzles.".


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