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Monday, 11 October 2010 20:03

Part 2 of the Scrum planning process for each sprint is putting together the sprint backlog.   This is the intersection of what the project owner most wants with what the development team thinks it can deliver in a usable state by the end of the thirty day sprint.

Firstly, I went back and split the project backlog into high, medium and low priority items.   Selecting what to do did not automatically follow these priorities;  I also took the size of the tasks and their interconnectedness into account.   i.e. some low priority tasks got selected because they were quite small, or because they were closely related to some other task that had been picked.

My rationale behind this sprint was to:

  1. Take the feedback on sprint 2 into account and address the most pressing issues arising from that
  2. Continue to move in the direction of more complex ciphers.
  3. Get German support up and running, at least in the puzzle engine so that I can start to get German firends involved in looking the site.

So here is what I chose:

  • Support for German language puzzles.
  • German language interface for the solver client.
  • Support for editing of puzzles which have already been submitted.
  • Numbers in Ciphers - both as non-encrypted digits or as part of the cipher, at the submitter's option.
  • Non 1-1 mappings in monoalphabetic ciphers
  • Colour highlighting of other instances of currently selected cipher char.
  • New Colour for disabled text boxes in cryptogram (i.e. punctuation/whitespace).
  • Categorisation of puzzles by difficulty.
  • Categorisation of puzzles by available hints.
  • Hint Selection automatically saves solution so that selection of hint is recorded.
  • Browse puzzles by different categories, month, solution status, difficulty, etc.
  • Random puzzle startup option.
  • Avoid simple matches on "random Cipher" button in submission tool.
  • Show frequencies in the submission tool
  • Direct external link to a random puzzle asa  guest user without the Joomla surroundings
  • Add confirmation dialogs to certain irreversible actions, e.g. "clear Solution" or hint selection.

And the following are the optional ones to be implemented if I have time free:

  • Create an "easy puzzles" area for solving simple puzzles with lots of hints.
  • Allow re-sorting of the alphabet in the solver and submission tools, e.g. by cipher char, by plain char, by frequency.

Noteworthy Exclusions:

  • Write Open Mind Software Ltd. Company website.
  • Polyalphabetic ciphers.
  • Forums.
  • German support in website.
  • User comments/ratings on puzzles.

Yes, I'd like all of these, but I want the other things more...

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