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Monday, 11 October 2010 19:15

Time to start thinking about Sprint 3.   First task is to round up the wishlist of everything that I might want in the project - the project backlog in Scrum terms.

These are all the things that I would like in the project (in no particular order):(Priorities were added in superscript later)

  • Support for German language puzzles.high
  • German language interface for the solver client.med
  • German support in the website with the abiltiy for a translator to gradually translate all the English pages into German without needing access to the Joomla backend.   (JoomFish?)medium
  • Support for editing of puzzles which have already been submitted.high
  • Forum, integrated into the Joomla site (i.e. users registered automatically for both.).med
  • Cosmetic makeoverlow - actually, medium, but not urgent
  • Numbers in Ciphers - either as non-encrypted digits or as part of the cipher, at the submitter's option.high
  • Non 1-1 mappings in monoalphabetic ciphers.high
  • Polyalphabetic ciphers.med
  • Colour coding in client, especially highlighting of other instances of currently selected cipher char.low generally, except for current char highlighting
  • Categorisation of puzzles by difficulty.high
  • Hint Management organised by puzzle category.med
  • Hint selection causes an automatic saving of the puzzle at that point.   Later saves cannot overwrite the hint status.high
  • Submission of user puzzles.   We need some ways to organise these into a separate category from the "official" ones.   Possibly allow private puzzles just for certain users?med
  • Emailing of a puzzle to some third party.low
  • Open Mind Software Company website.low
  • Browse puzzles by different categories, month, solution status, difficulty, etc.med
  • Random puzzle startup option.med
  • Avoid simple matches on "random Cipher" button in submission tool.low
  • Show frequencies in the submission tool.low
  • Allow re-sorting of the alphabet in the solver and submission tools, e.g. by cipher char, by plain char, by frequency.   (Will need re-implementing of alphabets so as not to use the tab-index as an id... Create own IDTextBox subclass.)med
  • Direct external link to a random puzzle asa  guest user without the Joomla surroundings.high
  • Button in solver interface to switch to full-browser outside Joomla framing/return to Joomla framing.low
  • User comments on solved puzzles.   Only visible by and submittable by those who have solved the puzzle already.   Possibly split into formal ratings of difficulty, quality and free comment.low
  • Think about the colour of disabled text boxes (i.e. punctuation) in the cryptogram.high
  • Create an "easy puzzles" area for solving simple puzzles with lots of hints.med
  • Deal with the problem of less than and greater than symbols (and incidentally other mathematical symbols too) within ciphers.   (these symbols are a problem because they are also the delimiters of script for most browsers.)low
  • Allow saving of a set of user preferences against a user id.   e.g. preferred language, preferred difficulty etc.low
  • Add confirmation dialogs to certain irreversible actions, e.g. "clear Solution" or hint selection.
  • Add a bug-reporting and tracking mechanism of some kind.   The current one - scribbled into my notebook and crossed out once fixed - isn't really going to be enough.med
  • Implement a build/deployment environment, probably with Maven.low

So, quite a lot of stuff to weigh up for sprint 3, especially since I have some other, paying, work on at the moment.   In the next installment of this blog you can see what I selected and why.

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